Ode to a broken heart.



Der Struwwelpeter from the series Cry Baby | 2021 | acrylic and watercolour on canvas | 15.5 x 22 cm | available

This painting is inspired in the drawing Baba Yaga by the Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin. In the Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is an ogress who steals, cooks, and eats her victims, usually children. The image depicts me scaring my former partner away. He is seen very tiny in there, almost insignificant or at least I am wishing he was. The painting called Der Struwwelpeter, comes from the title of a famous German children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann. My former partner was Austrian, and consequently I am very inspired by Germanic stories these days, specially in the realm of children's books as sadly, we had the emotional intelligence of a toddler back when we were dating.

So, the story of Der Struwwelpeter, describes a boy who does not groom himself properly and is consequently unpopular. He appears in this drawing barefoot, as he often liked to be. This drawing is an attempt to heal from this pain that I am dragging along for nearly a year now. In the image, I am naked and vulnerable rooted on the ground. With him, I had for the first time, the true desire of finally settling down and the result of my certainty in what I felt for him was met with him running for his life.



Sabrina of Taquara I | 2021 | acrylic and watercolour on canvas | 20 x 26 cm | available

Inspired by the portrait of Anna of Tyrol by Frans Pourbus the Younger, 1603 this allegorical painting is very close to my heart, and it is an attempt to heal from a relationship that has been one of the most inspirational and emotional experiences of my life. Anna and I were born on the same date, exactly 400 years apart from one another and my former partner was born in this same region in Austria.

This painting presents common elements used in my paintings, such as royal symbols, my spiritual guide - Exu - and coconut trees. This plant often symbolises an idyllic paradise and reminds me of the tree standing at the entrance of my home in Brazil. The drawing is a homage to my dreams about Rio, violence, love and a repeatedly broken heart.



PINDORAMA EXISTE E RESISTE. All rights reserved to Sabrina Collares, 2021.