The ongoing series, A herança, began with the development of two designs inspired by Portuguese tiles. They present symbols referring to the colonial process in Brazil, such as the compass, an image that I constantly use in my works to talk about the invented notions of 'South and North', and the symbolic power associated with these ideas. As well as eyes, which imply a problematic social construction on Latin American identities, as well as a certain 'malicious' curiosity about our subjectivity.


Profana part of the series A herança (Heritage) | 2020 | acrylic on canvas | 70 x 50 cm | available

The painting Profana, the tiles form the image of an inverted cross, and it is a clear criticism of the Catholic Church and the brutal way in which this religion was forced upon the originary people.

The work represents the massacre of the spiritual practices and rituals of the indigenous peoples is also a consequence of this religious indoctrination.

Resistência part of the series A herança (Heritage) | 2021 | acrylic on canvas | 90 x 70 cm | available

This painting presents an interleaving of the tiles in a organised manner and at the bottom of the image, the same pattern is wrongly repeated. This is a way of confronting the conformative and ordered Catholic and Eurocentric narrative.


PINDORAMA EXISTE E RESISTE. All rights reserved to Sabrina Collares, 2021.